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We believe that true change can only occur when the mind is relaxed and primed for new ideas. That's why we've created an experience to support your mental health practice, and help manage stress in a way you've never experienced before.

We offer people a live online experience, where our mindfulness experts will guide you with breath and sounds into a deeply relaxed state.

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Not only can you join wherever you are, our journeys are always designed around our unique listeners with each experience being completely different. Each time unlocking a bit more clarity and perspective.

Live sessions to help you unwind, recharge and balance.

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You will receive the most direct methods to respect and understand yourself, your life and your world.

Find your freedom and break free from judgement.

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Your hosts

Jason Groulx

Imagine waking up every day with a clear sense of purpose and an unlimited reserve of energy. After years of living unconsciously, I was able to realize it's actually possible through guided relaxation, contemplation and your breath.

Over the past 5 years, I've successfully used my meditation techniques to manifest and experience my goals by aligning my purpose, mindset, energies, and heart with my daily practice.

Now, I'm using my meditation skills extensively to empower people to gain control over their own lives, transform their thinking, and align themselves with their greater purpose.

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Martinsš Brikmanis

When I was at my lowest, practicing meditation changed my life. For me, the practice is about learning to live in the present moment, without fear or regret. When you master this practice, you can stop anxiety, panic attacks, and despair from controlling your life.

We are on a mission to bring live relaxation journeys to the world.

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Be Big Mind runs excellent meditation sessions. I go into most of these worked up, with my mind running a 100 miles an hour and I come out of them feeling energetic yet focused. Being new to meditation, they have been an amazing guide to helping me achieve a meditative state, one that I've been unable to achieve on my own.

~ Adam

Being in Digital Marketing, I am the perfect vessel for stress. The Meditations with Be Big Mind have helped me to have more self-awareness about my well-being. This was my first time doing meditation and with a calming voice, breathing exercises it was very enjoyable experience. I would highly recommend Be Big Mind meditation sessions to anyone suffering with anxiety or stress.

~ Andres

I had the fortunate benefit of experiencing a live meditation session guided by Be Big Mind. I have personally been meditating for approx. 40 plus years, studied and trained in meditation and have listening to many of the masters. I can comfortably say that Be Big Mind approach fits right up there! Voice is very soothing and guides you along at a very comfortable pace.

~ Henri

I just finished the most beautiful evening guided meditation with Jason. My mind was put at ease and I was able to practice in the comfort of my own space and energy. His soothing voice, body scan and guided journey truly took me to another place. I would highly recommend Jason’s practice to anyone looking to move out of their head and into their heart- and if you aren’t sure if mediation is for you, he would be a great teacher to begin with. 10/10

~ Sarah Kelly

Thank you so much for the meditation session. It was honestly magical.You have definitely found your calling. Your voice is so calming and the meditation was so intentional I especially loved the ending part where you allowed us to focus on which concept connected with us most.I was able to get into a beautiful space with it.So relaxed, and calm. Thank you again.

~ Katt (Sonic Yoga)

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